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I am Brian.
I am a Web Designer & Developer
based in Kenya.


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A passionate and detail-oriented software developer with a keen interest in crafting innovative solutions to real-world problems. My journey in the tech world has been marked by continuous learning and a commitment to delivering high-quality software.


I am an Innovative, task-driven professional with 4+ years of experience in web design and development across diverse industries. Equipped with a record of success in consistently identifying and providing the technological needs of companies through ingenious innovation. Proficient in developing databases, creating user interfaces, writing and testing codes, troubleshooting simple/complex issues, and implementing new features based on user feedback.

Seeking opportunities to elevate my expertise and proficiency, fostering growth and adaptability in a competitive digital landscape. Committed to delivering exceptional results with sincerity and dedication, aiming to enrich organizational success while advancing personal development. Eager to cultivate both academic and professional acumen within a stable yet dynamic tech environment.

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    React JS

My Work Experience.

2020 - 2023

Kenya Virtual Workers

Software Developer

  • Spearheaded website development projects, translating mockups into functional web interfaces using React, PHP Laravel, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, SAS, CSS, and MYSQL.
  • Defined coding requirements for site creation, e-commerce features, security measures, and specialized scripts.
  • Applied extensive knowledge of PHP, SQL, JavaScript, and other back-end libraries to enhance programming resources.
  • Developed customized layouts and wireframes, aligning them with predetermined parameters and expectations.
  • Conducted rigorous testing to evaluate website design responsiveness, clarity, and overall efficacy.
  • Ensured high-quality standards by identifying and addressing issues during the testing phase.
  • Facilitated effective collaboration with cross-functional teams to bridge the gap between design and development.
  • Actively shared insights and best practices to foster a dynamic and collaborative development environment.

2023 - 2024

EscrowPay Africa

Software Developer

  • I planned website development, converting mockups into usable web presence with React, PHP Laravel, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Sas, css and MYSQL coding.
  • I determined coding requirements for site creation, e-commerce capability, security, and specialized scripts.
  • Pulled from PHP, SQL, JavaScript, and other back-end library knowledge to bolster programming resources.
  • I drafted customized layouts and wireframes based on predetermined parameters and expectations.
  • I tested and reviewed the responsiveness, clarity, and efficacy of the website design.

2020 - Current


Software Developer

As a freelance software developer, I specialize in crafting innovative solutions tailored to clients' unique needs. My goal is to collaborate with clients to bring their visions to life, leveraging my skills to create efficient, scalable, and user-friendly software solutions. Let's connect and bring your project to the next level!


See My Latest Projects.

Browse through my latest portfolio showcasing real-world projects. Each endeavor is a testament to my skills and creativity in software development. From sleek user interfaces to robust backend systems, discover how I bring ideas to life. Get in touch to discuss how we can collaborate on your next project.

EscrowPay Africa

Web Development

EscrowPay Africa is a leading provider of secure and efficient escrow services dedicated to ensuring your funds are protected when conducting online transactions.

Kenya Virtual Workers

Web Development

Kenya Virtual Workers, are a premier destination for unlocking the untapped potential of remote talent in Kenya. They connect businesses with highly skilled professionals, enabling them to harness the benefits of a global workforce from the comfort of their office. You gain access to a diverse talent pool equipped with the expertise to drive your business forward.


Web Design

Our Trained Professionals, equipped with culinary expertise, will make a dedicated visit to your home every week. During these visits, they take on the responsibility of handling various aspects of meal preparation, such as slicing, dicing, mixing, and organizing, ensuring that your family has three delicious and nutritious meals each day for five days of the week.

Mystery Therapists

Web Design

We provide medical services that you can trust

GreenEarth cemeteries

Web Development

Green Earth Cemetries offers personalized care and garden design for gravesites, as well as delivery of fresh flowers, potted plants and memorial lights. Our care plans ensure that your loved one’s gravesite continues to look serene and green throughout the year.

Dashboard prototype

Web Design

Dashboard prototype

Budget App

Web Design

A budget web app created with JavaScript serves as a dynamic and user-friendly tool designed to assist individuals or businesses in managing their finances effectively. Leveraging the power of JavaScript, the app provides an interactive and responsive interface that allows users to input, track, and analyze their income and expenses. The app enhances financial transparency, enabling users to make informed decisions and achieve better control over their budgetary constraints. With its web-based accessibility, the JavaScript-powered budget app facilitates seamless use across desktop devices, ensuring a convenient and efficient financial management experience for users.

Cimak Investments

Poster Design


Poster Design

Cimak Investments

Logo Design

Kenya Virtual Workers

Logo Design

What People Say.

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Working with Brian was an absolute pleasure. His professionalism, attention to detail, and technical prowess were evident throughout the project. They not only delivered exactly what we needed but also provided valuable insights and suggestions that enhanced the final product. I highly recommend SofTech Guru for any software development needs. Looking forward to collaborating again in the future!

Tim Client
Author image

I can't speak highly enough about Brian's work as a freelance software developer. Their dedication to quality, problem-solving skills, and ability to meet tight deadlines are truly impressive. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, Brian demonstrated professionalism and expertise at every step of the process. It was a pleasure working with them, and I look forward to our next collaboration!

Stanley Client
Author image

Working with Brian has been a game-changer for our project. Their expertise in software development brought our vision to life with precision and efficiency. From conceptualization to execution, he demonstrated exceptional communication and a deep understanding of our needs. They delivered beyond our expectations, and we couldn't be happier with the results. I highly recommend Brian to anyone seeking top-notch software development services

Sara Client

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