With online casinos working hard to promote their casino games, it can be hard to choose the best offers. Some sites will reward free spins and others will provide no-deposit bonuses. Some will offer both. Free spins are usually applicable to a few games and their value is usually fixed.

On the other side, players decide when to spend the no-deposit bonus and the amount they want to spend. Therefore, the no-deposit bonus is more flexible than free spins bonus and you can decide on whether you want to spend it at once or in smaller bets.

Which is better- No deposit bonus or free spins?

That can be hard to answer because most of the rules around no-deposit bonuses and free spins change from time to time. When comparing two specific offers, start by comparing the no-deposit bonus to the free spins to know the better choice. For example:

1. A no-deposit bonus of £10 is better than a 10 free spins bonus valued at 50p per spin.

2. 10 free spins worth 20p per spin will be equal to £2 no-deposit bonus

Of course, you would want to consider many other factors when choosing between no-deposit bonuses and free spins bonus. Some things like the game’s RTP, the wagering requirements of the casino, and the terms should be among the key factors to consider. Comparison of the bonuses might look complicated, but the more you know the better.

Even though most individuals have preferences for some games when playing for the first time, some do not know where to start. The opening of an online casino can be daunting. No one wants to be bombarded with long lists of games, flashing jackpot lights and special promotions after opening an account. Always start by checking the type of bonuses offered.